We offer a range of services and programs to ensure rotary equipment perform reliably, safely and efficiently. Our maintenance, repair and refurbishment services are tailored to help optimize the performance of critical equipment in different industries.
We cooperate with our customers to provide an appropriate planning, management and execution for repair, maintenance and modifications for rotary equipment of their plants.

Total Advance is focused on providing innovative repairs for any type of rotating equipment, regardless of OEM. Our goal is to deliver your equipment back to you in optimum mechanical condition. Increasing reliability and reducing downtime for every piece of equipment is our ultimate goal.

We have a dedicated team of Field Service Engineers and Technicians that are experienced in a variety of designs and OEMs.

In our own service shop, Professional repairs, refurbishment and overhaul are delivered to almost all types of rotary equipment. With years of experience behind us, we’ll save customers time and money wherever industry moves fluids.

When the equipment arrives to Total Advance service shop, it is sand blasted to remove any coatings, scale, or rust. Then, one of our engineers will perform a visual and dimensional check of all vital features and components. This includes all fits, running clearances, seals faces, and run outs of the shaft at a minimum.
After the inspection is completed, the engineer and our quoting department will develop a work scope detailing new components and repairs necessary to return damaged equipment to like new condition.

Once a repair is initiated, our technicians follow a strict series of repair processes to guarantee that repaired equipment achieves optimum efficiency, including:

Disassembly, non-destructive testing, visual inspection, dimensional and inspection. After the customer’s approval of the quote, we rebalance, machine or replace parts as required to bring the machine back to original factory specifications.

After the successful repair of equipment, the inspection data along with the “as built “ condition will be included in a final report. The final report includes an executive summary, the “as found” and “as built” conditions, as well as the balance reports for any rotating equipment.
Total Advance can also, through our refurbishment and Improvement Program (RIP) offer solutions that will restore customer’s rotary equipment to better than new condition and at the same time, extend equipment life, and provide significant reductions in energy costs and an increase in efficiency .

We are also able to offer below activities:
  • Dynamic balancing to ISO/API tolerances
  • Performance testing at our in-shop testing facilities
  • Hydraulics analysis of equipment, with professional software’s to optimize operation
  • Repairs are all guaranteed for one year!